Mr. EMERY Henry trainer of ICAO approved Latitude Aviation English Services will work at strengthening the competencies of aviation personnel.

JAA TO and CCAA in Partnership for Africa

Mrs. Avomo Assoumou Paule Koki, and the Director of JAA TO, Mrs. Paula V. de Almeida, have signed together a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), on Thursday 31st May 2018 at JAA TO’s Headquarters, in The Netherlands.

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Offre de formation en Recyclage d’aéronefs

L’Ecole de Formation (EFO) de la CCAA et l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure Polytechnique de Yaoundé (ENSPY) organisent une formation en maintenance et Recyclage des aéronefs à partir du 3 mai 2022 à l’EFO de l’aéroport de Yaoundé Nsimalen. Cette formation sera sanctionnée par un certificat d’aptitude attestant de l’acquisition de compétences dans la gestion des aéronefs …


Placed under the direct authority of the Director General of the CCAA, the CCAA Training School has the following operating staff: the Director of the Training School; the Head of Department of Pedagogy and Monitoring of Training Centers; the Head of Quality and Method Department; the Heads of Training Centers ( Douala, Yaoundé, Garoua); Auditors …




Immeuble siège de l’Ecole de Formation de la Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority,
Aéroport International de Yaoundé Nsimalen


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+237 222 303 090

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