Placed under the direct authority of the Director General of the CCAA, the CCAA Training School has the following operating staff:

  • the Director of the Training School;
  • the Head of Department of Pedagogy and Monitoring of Training Centers;
  • the Head of Quality and Method Department;
  • the Heads of Training Centers ( Douala, Yaoundé, Garoua);
  • Auditors
  • Instructors;
  • The Course Development Unit.

Missions & Objectives


Placed under the authority of a Director, the Training School is responsible, in liaison with the competent authorities of: 

  • Developing a strategy and monitoring its implementation in terms of education and training in the field of civil aviation;
  • The development and updating of the programs of the training centers of the CCAA;
  • The watch and foresight in training in civil aviation;
  • Relations with the National Commission for the Evaluation of Training provided abroad.


Through the Training School, the CCAA aims to clean up the field of civil aviation by equipping the sector’s companies with quality personnel. In this perspective, the CCAA Training School is the flagship, in Cameroon and in Central Africa, formative excellence in safety and security civil aviation. In addition, the training school aims to become:

  • a center for developing skills and expertise in civil aviation in the subregion;
  • Full member of ICAO’s TRAINAIR PLUS program based on skills-based training methods.
  • a Pan-African School of Excellence accredited by the Member States and ISO 9001 certified;
  • a framework for cultural and educational exchanges with the institutions of similar formations.
  • Associate member of AATO (African Aeronautical Training Organizations), African organization which brings together the approved training institutions aeronautical obedience;

Words from the Director General

Dear Internet users,

It is with an honor and a great pleasure that I present you the website of the Training School (EFO) of the Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority (CCAA). The creation of this site is part of the implementation of the strategy of School communication. This digital platform has been specially designed to inform you in real time of the training available in the field of civil aviation. This website aims to be a living and evolving portal, just like our School. For this purpose, all remarks, suggestions and other constructive criticisms will always be welcome to improve its content and its development.